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Hi-Tech Seals' Gasket Divison's flashcutter is capable of utilizing CAD renderings to quickly produce gaskets in rubber, plastic and composite materials. The flashcutter’s surface area can accommodate material up to 5’ x 10’ (1550 mm x 3050 mm).

Gaskets are cut through a rapid vertical reciprocating motion. The cutting motion produces a cleaner finished part, avoiding compression marks found on die-cut gaskets. The flashcutter’s vacuum surface holds the sheet material in place preventing the movement of parts during production. This enables the flashcutter to maintain exceptional tolerances during production.

Die Cut

Hi-Tech Seals' Gasket Division utilizes both a clicker press and roller press to produce die cut gaskets. Dies are manufactured locally and stored in house.

Die Cut - Round Gaskets - up to 48”
Die Cut - Oblong Gaskets -up to 33” x 66”

Clicker Press
Hand Cut

For cost effective small runs, Hi-Tech Seals' Gasket Division produces hand cut gaskets. Dimensional capabilities include:

  • Hand Cut Round Gaskets - up to 36”
  • Hand Cut - Oblong Rubber Gaskets - up to 48” x virtually endless
  • Hand Cut - Oblong Non-asbestos Gaskets - up to 60” x 180”