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            1. Homogenous U-Cup Description
            2. Homogenous U-Cup Description
            3. Design Considerations
                        1. Surface Finish
                        2. Pressure/Velocity


Homogenous U-cups (block vees) are a non-loaded, single material U-cup. The HU seal is popular in low pressure applications where a low friction seal would be beneficial. The seal is most commonly used in pneumatic applications as a rod or piston seal. The design is suited for situations where space is limited. The HU seal is typically made from an 80 durometer Nitrile but also comes in Viton®/fluorocarbon, Neoprene and other homogenous materials.

As pressure is applied to the homogenous U-cup the seal experiences an increase in sealing force until it reaches the maximum pressure the seal can handle. Homogeneous U-cup seals can handle up to 500 PSI; however, if you have applications that require higher pressure capabilities please consult a Hi-Tech Seals’ sales representative.


Homogenous U-Cup

The standard homogenous u-cup has a u-shaped groove formed in such a manner that there is an inside and outside sealing lip.

Part Numbers

Temp. Range

Example: Z 5000 3000 750 D - Urethane base/Nitrile seal lip Deep Z-Seal - 1/2" C/S, 3" I.D., 3/4" Height

Z-Seals standard part numbers are based on a urethane base material and a nitrile loader. Other popular materials include a Fluorotrel® base, Viton® loader, and low temperature loader.

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