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Stocked and ready in Nitrile, Viton™ and Hydrogenated Nitrile .


Available in O-ring or quad loaded styles with a beveled or straight lip. Standard materials include urethane, Viton™, Hydrogenated Nitrile .

Mud Motor Boots

Hi-Tech Seals molds custom mud motor boots in Nitrile and Hydrogenated Nitrile materials.



Lubricated Bushings

Bushings are available in Tungsten Carbide and DU bushing style.

Wear Rings

Snap Rings

Hi-Tech Seals stocks various imperial and metric snap rings in materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Berylium Copper. These are available in various styles such as eyelet or spiral.

Back-Up Rings

Hi-Tech Seals stocks high performance back-up rings composed of PEEK, PTFE and more.


Hi-Tech Seals stocks metal balls for Mud Motors and chemical injection pumps, as well as, plastic balls for Hydraulic Fracturing.

Packer Elements

Packer Elements are available in 70, 80 and 90 durometer Nitrile and Hydrogenated Nitrile .

Screws and Filters


Tool Seal Kits

Hi-Tech Seals supplies motor, jar, hydro-mechanical and shock tool kits. Customized tool kits are assembled and ready for delivery. Visit our kit creation page to learn more.

Hex Keys and Pins