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The kit creation program provides customers with an easy-to-use system of reordering groups of product. If you have a specific piece of machinery that undergoes maintenance or if you are manufacturing machinery, this is an excellent system for staying organized. Our sales staff will identify the sealing components in a given piece of machinery and create a kit in our system. The next time you need to order more seals you simple provide the kit number and you will receive a bag with all the parts for your piece of machinery.

Kit Creation Program Brochure

Custom Labels

Create custom labels to suite your needs. Labels can include things such as your company logo, your part numbers, application description, or any other useful information. Custom labels can help reduce installation and inventory errors.

Advantages to buying our labeling service:

  • Labels can be specific to the application
  • Increase exposure of your brand
  • Company specific part numbers
  • Easier reordering process

Contact Hi-Tech Seals to discuss the kit program or custom labels.