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Hi-Tech Seals

Hi-Tech Seals Materials

KasPex™ PEEK
Bokure™ urethane
Oil and Gas Industry Material Testing Standards

Design Catalogues

Seal Catalogue, Volume 4
Gasket Catalogue, Volume 3
O-Ring Design Guide
Mechanical Seal Design
V-Seals Design
Oil Seal - Groove Dimensions


General Product Listing  
Manufacturing – Rapid Seal, Rapid Gasket, Cast Urethane
Cast Urethane Products
Oilfield Product Guide 2018
Blowout Preventer Wireline


Large Diameter Oil Seal Crossover
Braided Packing Material Crossover s
MWD Flyer
Kalrez® Custom Shaped Parts
Kalrez® Oil & Gas
Kalrez® Pump & Valve
Kalrez® Spectrum
Kalrez® Total Cost Savings
Kalrez® vs Seal Failure
Kapton® Tape
High Speed Rotary
Locked T-Seal Features & Benefits
O-Ring Warehouse
Online Pricing & Stock Check
Seal Assembly
Spherical Ball Bearings
Wireline Seals
Blue Bullet Packing
Tool Box Gasket Packs
Rock Bit Balls
Lease Site Designation Management System

Suppliers' Literature


Kalrez® Introduction       Eng.     Fr.
Kalrez® Spectrum Brochure       Eng.     Fr.
Kalrez® Total Cost Savings          Eng.     Fr.
Kalrez® FDA Compliance
Kalrez® Pharm. & Food Handling       Eng.     Fr.
Kalrez® Pharmaceutical Brochure
Kalrez® Sanitary Seals
Kalrez® Water Bottler


Viton™ Selection Guide
Viton ™ Made with Advanced Polymer Architecture
Viton™ GF-600S and Extreme ETP-600s – FDA Compliant
Viton™ Handling Precautions for Viton and Related Chemicals

Suppliers' Literature Cont'd

Quadrant Design Catalogues

Quadrant Product and Application Guide
Design & Fabrication
Quadrant Chemical Data

Quadrant Brochures

Global Business       Eng.     Fr.
Chemical Processing Equip. Guide
Torlon Applications Chemical
Construction Heavy Equip.
Fluorosint Family of Materials
Food Compliancy Card
Food Brochure
Pack Flyer
Tivar CleanStat
Torlon Applications Food
LS Grades
LS Biotech
LS Dental
LS Pharma Flyer
Torlon Applications Automotive

SKF Polyseal

SKF Polyseal Catalogue

Paulstra Vibrachoc

Paulstra Introduction
Paulstra Application Guide - Food Industry
Blue Flexible Mountings       Eng.     Fr.
Green Flexible Bushes         Eng.     Fr.
Purple Metal Mountings       Eng.     Fr.
Red Flexible Couplings         Eng.     Fr.
Yellow Dynamic Sealing       Eng.     Fr.

Precision Polymer Engineering

High Performance Sealing Solutions Brochure
EnDura ED Rsesistant Aflas
EnDura ED Resistant FKM
EnDura ED Resistant HNBR
EnDura ED Resistant Low Temp FKM
EnDura Low Temp FKM
Perlast ED Resistant FFKM
Perlast High Temp FFKM
Perlast ICE® Low Temp. FFKM Brochure
Perlast ICE® Low Temp. FFKM Flyer
Perlast ICE® ED Resistant Low Temp FFKM Flyer