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Precision Laser Engraving

Our engraving machine is capable of engraving part numbers, application descriptions, your company name and even the highest quality logos into parts. The focused laser can etch legible text along a surface as small as 1/8" tall. Our engraving capabilities extend to plastic, rubber and some types of metal.

Custom labeling helps you:

  • Identify parts quicker with less effort
  • Increase brand name exposure
  • Lock in proprietary part ordering
  • Make it easier for customers to reorder

Custom Labels

Customize your parts for ease of identification and re-ordering with Hi-Tech Seals Inkjet labelling service.

Our inkjet printer is capable of printing numbers and text on various surface types. You can have your parts labelled with an identification number, company name, part number or any information that will benefit you and your customers.

Bags and labels are often lost and your customers run the risk of losing your part numbers or even forgetting where they purchased their products. With your company part number and name on the product, your customers can easily reorder the product before they run out of inventory.
Please contact your sales representative for more details on our Inkjet service.