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Hi-Tech Seals is a distributor of Hernon® High Performance Adhesives and Sealants. Hernon Manufacturing Inc. is a worldwide innovator of high performance adhesive sealants and precision dispensing equipment. Hernon® offers direct replacements for most Loctite® and Permatex adhesive products. You can now combine Hi-Tech Seals’ exceptional service with Hernon’s 30 years of adhesive experience. hernon

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The U-cup is one of the most popular lip seals used today. Loaded U-cups are primarily intended for dynamic reciprocating applications. The loaded U-cup is an excellent seal in low pressure rod and piston applications. As the system pressure increases, the loading lip force also increases, automatically compensating for the higher pressure while maintaining a positive seal. A variety of styles, materials and sizes are available to suite your specific requirements.

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