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There When You Need It, Gone When You Don't

BoKure™ Ghost is Hi-Tech Seals' degradable elastomer compound. It's formulated to perform in harsh, corrosive downhole environments in oil and gas wells. BoKure™ Ghost minimizes the potential need for well intervention by reducing or eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment to complete the well, reducing operation costs and saving valuable time.

BoKure™ Ghost advantages:

  • Breaks down in fresh water or brine solutions.
  • Non-binding and non-clogging particles.
  • Reliable compound degradation allows for less or no additional well intervention.
  • Increase efficiencies by simplifying the well completion process.

Our degradable material is designed to provide a stable 3 to 6 hour operational life, followed by a quick and consistent material deterioration. Our GHOST compound is developed to work in aqueous brine environments at an ideal temperature of 80°C; variation in temperature will reduce or extend operational time. It has been third-party tested and proven to be able to withstand up to 10,000 psi with appropriate design considerations. The degradation rate is independent of KCI (potassium chloride) concentrations and will degrade efficiently in 3% brine as it would in 15% brine. Additional degradation temperatures compounds are being developed.

As they deteriorate, other degradable elastomers can become highly viscous, gumming up with stray particles in the well. This can accumulate into a mass flow back to the surface causing a blockage that may need to be recovered. This process eliminates the purpose of using a degradable and results in unscheduled downtime. As BoKure™ GHOST degrades, it gradually breaks down into small non-binding, non-clogging particles that do not have to be recovered. This can result in decreased drill time and increase cost savings.

For more information on our BoKure™ GHOST compound, please contact your local technical sales representative.

BoKure Ghost

  Physical Properties
  Hardness, Shore A
  Tensile Strength, psi
  Modulus @ 50%,psi
  Modulus @ 100%, psi

(1)As with most degradable materials, BoKure™ Ghost will start to deteriorate at any temperature when exposed to moisture. For this reason, all products manufactured from BoKure™ Ghost are vacuum sealed to prevent premature degradation. The ideal rate of degradation for this material occurs at 80°C or above.

*The above information is correct based on our knowledge at the date of its publication. The temperature range listed is a general guideline and final suitability will depend on various application conditions. To ensure this material meets customers’ final requirements and safety demands, we recommend customers conduct their own testing.