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Manufacturing Process

Rapid Seal is Hi-Tech Seals' rapid prototyping process. Hi-Tech Seals has machining facilities in Edmonton, AB. Winnipeg, MB. and Newmarket On. With the help of our experienced machinists, sales, drafting and engineering staff, we can quickly design and manufacture new prototype parts in a matter of hours without expensive tooling charges. Hi-Tech Seals can create parts based on product samples, customer-supplied drawings or by using the existing metal dimensions to design a new seal. The purchase of custom machined parts saves you time, money and the grief of hunting down hard to find replacement parts.

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We have several CNC lathes, multiple NC machines, milling and live tooling capabilities at our disposal. Hi-Tech Seals is capable of creating custom parts with profiles ranging from as small as 1/4" (6mm) inside diameter and up to as large as 29" (737mm) outside diameter within 48 hours. Consult our sales staff for manufacturing options exceeding the given ranges.

In addition to machining custom designed parts, Hi-Tech Seals has over 130 existing seal profiles pre-programmed into our seal design software. We can quickly select the desired profile, choose existing or new dimensions, select the desired material and manufacture a replacement part in a matter of minutes. Our ability to quickly manufacture replacement parts can save your company thousands of dollars from costly downtime. Hi-Tech Seals works closely with customers to produce long or short production runs at an affordable cost without substituting the quality of the product.

Quality Control

Hi-Tech Seals is registered under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). It is our mission to ensure our products meet both our expectations and those of our customers. All machining orders go through several quality inspections involving multiple personnel.

Engineering and Drafting

Hi-Tech Seals’ engineering and drafting departments use precision measuring equipment and a state-of-the-art video analysis device. Our video measuring system, the Micro-Vu, is capable of measuring parts to within an accuracy of six decimal places. We are able to provide this service for both inspection and for replication purposes. Hi-Tech Seals works closely with customers to create machining solutions to solve difficult and time sensitive sealing problems.