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Hi-Tech Seals and A Port In The Storm

When starting to raise money and awareness for “A House of Hope” A Port in the Storm Inc., Hi-Tech Seals Winnipeg had no idea that one of our own family members would become a resident at there, making fundraising efforts that much closer to their hearts. “A House of Hope” serves out-of-town adults with life-threatening illnesses, receiving lengthy medical treatments in Winnipeg. A Port in the Storm Inc.’s goal is to reduce the financial burden of serious illness on those who must travel to and remain in Winnipeg for extended periods, while receiving treatment.

Check out the story below:

Over the passed months Hi-Tech Seals Winnipeg rallied together to raise money for our current charity of choice, “A House of Hope”, A Port in the Storm Inc.

“A House of Hope” serves out of town adults with life threatening illnesses, who are receiving lengthy medical treatments in Winnipeg. The “House” provides a safe, supportive, and affordable home-like environment for patients and their families during treatment.

We came across this organization when one of our staff member’s daughters toured the “A House of Hope” facility, during her third year of nursing. Jackie Raonkie’s daughter was blown away by the care and service the “House” provided its patients. Knowing that Hi-Tech Seals supports local charities, she asked if we could make “A House of Hope” our next “charity of choice”. Without hesitation we set up a donation box at the front counter, provided literature on “A House of Hope” and started taking donations.

About two months later, our branch Manager, Tony Boken, received some bad news that his brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. After a couple weeks of treatments, the commute became too exhausting and his brother-in-law made arrangements for him and his wife to stay in an apartment at “A House of Hope”.

When Tony found out that his brother-in-law was staying at the “House”, we could not believe it was at the same place we had been fundraising for. To support his brother-in-law and to encourage donations, Tony said he would shave his head if we could raise $750.00 in donations. We are happy and proud to say with the support of our fellow Hi-Tech employees, customers and friends we have far surpassed our goal, reaching well over $1300.00. On April 25th Tony received a new hairstyle.

Hi-Tech Seals Winnipeg would like to thank everyone who donated to this worthy cause; your generosity is very heartwarming. We would also like to send out a special thanks to Arlene Wyryha (District Manager) and Ana (Stylist) from Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop. When Arlene and Ana heard that Tony was shaving his head to support his brother-in-law and fundraising efforts for “A House of Hope” they shaved his head for free.

A little help from friends at the office
Mission: Complete