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"We CARE. Do you"

Hi-Tech Seals has revised its Code of Conduct policy to reinforce its zero-tolerance approach taken towards unethical behaviour within its business dealings.

To ensure that business partners and employees observe the highest ethical standard of integrity and honesty, we have implemented CARE. CARE is a reporting mechanism that provides a confidential connection between senior management, employees, vendors and customers to be used in the event that anyone is observed not acting with due skill, care, diligence and/or fairness.

Here at Hi-Tech Seals we encourage ethical conduct in our employees and suppliers. In order to safeguard against unethical behaviour we would like to invite you to help us by reporting any wrong doing or unethical behaviour that you observe. Users can report any number of concerns related to fraud, theft, conflicts of interest, etc. using the CARE program.

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How to Raise a Concern

Any person with any concern relating to wrongdoing by employees, suppliers, or offices of Hi-Tech Seals
may report using one of the following methods:

By Phone:1-855-484-2273
By or via web:


CARE is independently owned and operated by Grant Thornton LLP and is not affiliated with any organizations participating in the CARE program. The CARE website is designed for anonymity; however, an option is provided should you choose to identify yourself. Grant Thornton LLP does not track any IP addresses of users of the CARE website.

To View our Ethics polices please see our Code of Conduct page and our CARE Policy page.

Remember Its right to report a wrong