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Hi-Tech Seals' Gasket Division employs a Virtek LaserQC® 1200 machine. The LaserQC® assists in reverse engineering, quality inspection/control and statistical process control.

2D Reverse Engineering

The LaserQC® 1200 aids in the reverse engineering of existing parts or templates. This process starts with the scanning of existing parts or templates to capture their complete profile. The data is stored as a CAD data file. From this file our drafting department can manipulate the scanned data to remove flaws and optimize the tolerances for production. Our drafting team can then export the file directly to our Flashcutter or water jet for rapid gasket production.

Quality Inspection/Control

The LaserQC® is also utilized to complete manufacturing inspections.  It captures over 500 data points a second, while maintaining a tolerance within ± 0.05mm (0.002”). The system then compares your production drawing to your final product. The scanned profile is displayed in a color-coded outline, which is used to indicate what, if any, of the profile scanned is out of tolerance.

Statistical Process Control

Inspection data from the LaserQC® 1200 is saved and can be used to generate reports for traceability and statistical analysis meeting quality requirements. This information can also be used internally to make production improvements to ensure quality products and reduced lead times.