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Super Hi-Glyde Lubricant

Super Hi-Glyde is our silicone-based lubricant with a low coef-ficient of friction. Super Hi-Glyde meets FDA 21 CFR 175.300 requirements. It is suitable for lubrication as well as water resistance improvement related to; food industry equipment, sanitary equipment, brewing equipment, and beverage equipment where required. Super Hi-Glyde is ideal for use in automotive, industrial, and commercial applications. This lubricant exhibits excellent adhesion to metal, rubber, and plastic materials, which prevent the lubricating film from being wasted away due to fluid action in the system.  

Super Hi-Glyde has high resistance to wear, pressure, rust, and corrosion. It helps protect O-rings and seals from ozone degradation, cracking, abrasion, cutting, and pinching. Super Hi-Glyde has great thermal stability, does not cure, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +250°C/-67°F to 482°F. The lubricant also helps speed up the installation process, saving customers valuable time and money. Super Hi-Glyde is not compatible for use with fluids containing phosphate esters or fire-retardant fluids that are often used in mining, foundries, and steel mills.

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Hi-Glyde O-Ring Lubricant

Hi-Glyde is our barium-based O-ring lubricant. It is a simple way to maximize your O-ring investment, ensure proper sealing performance, and improve the sealing service life of O-rings in certain applications. Hi-Glyde increases the ease of installation for O-rings and seals, which can lead to the increase in sealing integrity.

Hi-Glyde can operate in temperatures ranging from -29°C to 155°C/-20°F to 311°F. It has great resistance to wear, rust, water. Hi-Glyde helps seat O-rings in a groove, speeding up assembly operations, and improving automated assembly.