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Head seals were developed as an alternative to standard O-ring and back-up ring combinations for static applications. Their design eliminates difficulties encountered with O-rings such as twisting, rolling, and ripping. Due to their stable symmetrical design these seals can operate without back-up rings even at high pressures. This one-piece design reduces installation and extrusion damage, and back up blow by due to barrel eccentricities or excessive extrusion gaps. Head seals offer good sealing capabilities in double acting applications.

psi in certain applications. Other materials such as hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) and Viton™ are available upon request. Head seal sizing correlates to AS-568 standard O-ring sizing. This allows customers to easily replace their O-rings with a more stable option, without needing to adjust groove dimensions.

Contact our team to learn more and determine which size and material is suitable for your application.

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