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Wipers are primarily designed to stop contaminants from entering a cylinder on the rod, however, they can also act as a secondary rod seal. If contaminants were allowed to enter the cylinder it could lead to damage of your rod and/or the damage of other sealing components. A properly selected wiper could help reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance and even increase the time between maintenance cycles.

It is important to determine the correct style and material for your application. Hi-Tech Seals standard wiper material is urethane; however, KasPex™ PEEK, nitrile (NBR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), fluorocarbon/Viton™ (FKM), and Hytrel® materials are available upon request. Things that should be considered when selecting the material of your wiper include:

  • Required abrasion resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Resilience and fluid compatibility

Product Profiles
DT D Interchangeable DS DX AN K
Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial Imperial
H Metal Encased (WC)    


D-Style (WDM) Stepped D-Style (WDM) H-Style (WHM) Stepped H-Style (WHM) Metal Clad (WCM)
Primary Design
Metal Clad (WCM)
Metric Metric Metric Metric Metric Metric
Metal Clad (WCM)
Pin Eye (PE)
Metal Clad H-Style (WCM)        
Metric Metric