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The Crown Seal is a double acting piston squeeze-type seal. The seal inserts into a groove on the piston with the exposed O-ring resting on the static surface of the piston. Due to its narrow single line seal contact, the sealing point creates a positive seal for both a vacuum and high pressure applications. The Crown Seal side legs act as an anti-extrusion device for the O-ring and the legs provides additional stability to the seal. Hi-Tech Seals' standard Crown Seal material is Fluorotrel, however, we stock a large amount of Polyurethane in common sizes.

The Crown Seal can be directly interchanged with T-seals, O-rings and Quad O-rings. To promote the longevity of the Crown Seal we commonly see a wear ring used on the piston. The wear ring helps keep the piston centered which allows for even wear and pressure distribution on the Crown Seals sealing surface; a close tolerance wear ring will also help reduce bending of the rod.

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