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Door O-Rings & Liner O-Rings

Door and liner O-Rings are available silicone (red and yellow), Viton™ (black, brown and dark blue), Fluorosilicone and Nitrile (black and light blue).

O-rings are available in round, square and quad profiles.

Seal Kits

Hi-Tech Seals provides aftermarket maintenance kits for popular brands of compressors.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals for compressors are available in sizes 0.625”, 0.750” and 1.125” and 1.250”

Square Cut Rings

Square cut silicone O-Rings.

Extension Rubber

Hi-Tech Seals stocks 70 durometer red silicone extension rubber used in popular compressors.

Oil Filter Seals

Crankcase Breathers

A triangular form rubber breather to equalize pressure.

Valve Cover Gasket

Hi-Tech Seals offers three standard styles of compressor gaskets: Nitrile, Cork/Nitrile, and cork die-cut with steel insert.