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Polyurethane & Rubber Coated Test Gaskets

Urethane ring type joint gaskets (RTJU) are manufactured from our BoKure™ urethane MU90. Our RTJUs are a non‒damaging method for testing a flange before use. The uniquely shaped profile energizes the seal in the groove under pressure, retrofitting into R or BX ring type joint gasket grooves. Our RJTU test gaskets can be re-used for multiple test runs, at pressures up 15,000 PSI. Under ideal flange, installation, and test conditions, clients have reported exceeding 100 successful test runs. Non‒damaging method for testing gland before use Suitable for water and nitrogen pressure tests Temperature range from ‒30°C to 110°C (‒22°F to 230°F) Available for classes 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500# and 2500#.

Rubber Coated Test Gasket

Rubber coated ring type joint test gaskets are used to test flanges before service. The rubber coating avoids potentially damaging metal‒to‒metal contact. Rubber coated test gaskets are an economical option over the urethane test gaskets when numerous tests are not required. With proper handling, rubber coated test gaskets can be used several times.