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U-Cup Installation Tools

Hi-Tech Seals has a range of different installation tools in inventory. U-cup installation tools are used to help install U-Cups on the inside of machinery. The installation tool bends the seal inward, and then you slide the seal into the machine and release it in the gland.

  Check out our PDF for instructions.

Brass O-Ring Picks

Hi Tech’s O–ring Pick Kit is the ideal way to carefully remove O–rings without damaging either the seal or the associated components. The brass prevents scoring and scratching of critical metal surfaces. The kit consists of two brass utensils incorporating a variety of end styles.

Braided Packing Extraction

The braided packing extractor facilitates the removal of used packing materials from within packing glands. Consisting of a flexible shaft positioned within another, they are wound in opposite directions providing access to difficult to reach areas.