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Boiler Gaskets

Hi-Tech Seals supplies boiler gaskets in Blue-Max® style, TOPOG-E®, and any of our in-house sheet materials. Boiler gaskets are manufactured in oval, obround, rectangular, round, and square shapes.


Blue-Max® gaskets were developed as a substitute for asbestos gaskets. They are composed of a tacky cloth of glass, synthetic fibres, and brass wire, impregnated with a blue elastomer compound. The final formed product is coated in a PTFE material.


The Black-Max® gasket is composed of graphite with multiple layers of stainless steel 316 foil inserts. The gasket is fit for service in -240C to 454C in oxidizing atmospheres and 650C in steam service.

Screw Packing

Four primary styles:
  • homogeneous hydrogenated nitrile
  • individual graphoil rings
  • stacked graphoil rings with tops and bottoms preformed from graphoil rope packing

  • bonded stack of graphoil rings with tops and bottoms made of stainless steel 316

Pipe Roller

BoKure™ urethane provides pipe rollers with good wear resistance and load‒bearing ability. When manufacturing pipe rollers Hi-Tech Seals cast urethane division can supply metal hardware or use custom supplied rollers.



PTFE tape is an ultra‒thin material, typically used to seal pipe threads. The material provides near universal chemical resistance. It is also known as plumber's tape, thread seal tape, pipe tape, and polytetrafluoroethylene film. Hi-Tech Seals carries a various PTFE tape sizes including, 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 2”.

Fibreglass Tape

Fibreglass tape offers strong characteristics such as resistance to heat and abrasion, while insulating from electricity. Fibreglass tape is available in diameters 1/4" to 2". Fibreglass tape can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Pipe wrap
  • Boiler, furnace, oven, gas fireplace, wood/gas/tile stoves
  • Thermal insulation
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Flange gasketing
  • Fireproof safe applications

Mud Plug Kits

We offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard mud plug kits. Our kits utilize a variety of high-quality components that can be reused, recycled, or both. The mixing pail, mixing stick, and gloves can be reused and recycled, whereas the rags can be washed and reused. For hygienic reasons we do not suggest reusing the mask.

Mud plug kits are an all‒in‒one package used in field or plant shut-downs during hot tie‒ins. Our kit contains a biodegradable fluid, MPF–1990, which is used in making the mud mixture. When placed in a pipeline, this mixture prevents the migration of lazy gas. Once service is complete, the mud can be washed away cleanly and safely.

Kit Contents
  • 16 lbs bag of MPP-1991
  • 2 × 3.78L of MPF-1990
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Mixing stick
  • Rags
  • DS & Instructions
  • Pail

Fillet Strip

Fillet, also known as Radii gaskets, are sold in strips or cut to length. Gaskets are available in Nitrile and EPDM.

Chime Lap Gaskets

Chime lap gaskets are used for sealing the area between the first and second doors of a double tank door. This should only be used for storage tank doors. Our chime lap gasket is available in nitrile and EPDM.

Tank Stripping

The neoprene strip material is used to seal between bolted panels on tanks. The strip comes with half inch bolt holes spaced two inches apart from bolt centre. The material is 1-3/4” wide by 75 feet, available in various thicknesses. The most common thickness is 1/8”.