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WolCar™ carbide is our tungsten carbide family of materials. The material is generally forged by the reaction of tungsten (W) and carbon (C) at 1400°F and 2000°F. Our team of professionals can manufacture custom carbide components into virtually any shape and size. This allows us to offer high precision carbide solutions across various industrial and commercial applications.

  • Drill Bit Inserts
  • Inner Sleeves
  • Poppet Inserts
  • Precision Components
  • Bushings

The two most common binder agents for our WolCar™ carbide are cobalt and nickel. Other binder agents are available upon request.

Nickel binder agent advantages:

  • Enhanced performance in downhole environments
  • Impressive corrosion and oxidation resistance
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Excels in harsh conditions

Cobalt binder agent advantages:

  • Most widely used binder in tungsten carbide materials
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Improved shock and impact resistance over nickel bonded components
  • Remarkable strength and toughness even in elevated temperatures
  • Resistant against attacks by organic solvents, ammonia, most bases, weak acid, and tap water

To learn more, consult one of our sales representatives.