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Hi-Glyde O-Ring Lubricant

Hi-Glyde is our barium-based O-ring lubricant. It is a simple way to maximize your O-ring investment, ensure proper sealing performance, and improve the sealing service life of O-rings in certain applications. Hi-Glyde increases the ease of installation for O-rings and seals, which can lead to the increase in sealing integrity.

Hi-Glyde can operate in temperatures ranging from -29°C to 155°C/-20°F to 311°F. It has great resistance to wear, rust, water. Hi-Glyde helps seat O-rings in a groove, speeding up assembly operations, and improving automated assembly. 



O-Ring Lubricant

The lubricant can increase ease of installation, which can lead to an increase in sealing integrity. In addition, O-ring lubricant can be used to reduce heat and friction on the O-ring while the application is in use.