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Available in imperial and metric sizes. Popular materials include Nitrile, Hydrogenated Nitrile,
Viton™ and low temperature Viton™.


Our u-cups are available in loaded u-cup style, homogeneous rubber and urethane-unloaded style.

Grafoil Rings

They are used to retain and locate tubing and casing hangers and connectors. Each ring is molded
from grafoil ribbon pack material with precision dies designed for critical sizing. These die formed
grafoil sets are used in the world's harshest environments.

Seat Seals

Gate Valve Seals

Composed of Virgin PTFE.

Snap Rings

Available in internal snap ring, external snap ring, internal spiral ring and external spiral ring styles.

Engineered Thermoplastic Seals

A highly engineered u-cup designed for tough applications.

Vee Packing

Vee packing is sold in individual vee’s as well as in sets. Sets can be tailors to the valve environment.

Braided Packing

Braided packing is cut into rings and wrapped around the rod. Once installed the compression force, generated by tightening the gland, produces radial pressure.

Flange Protectors

The valve-flange plug has a tapered body and wide flange design that protects the entire machined
surface of a valve flange.



Pump stem packing