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Available in imperial and metric sizes. Popular materials include Nitrile, Hydrogenated Nitrile, Viton™ and low temperature Viton™.

O-Ring Loaded U-Cup

Available in O-ring or quad loaded styles with a beveled or straight lip.

Grafoil Rings

They are used to retain and locate tubing and casing hangers and connectors. Each ring is molded from Graphoil ribbon pack material with precision dies designed for critical sizing. These die formed Graphoil sets are used in the world's harshest environments.


Chrome steel balls are available for chemical injection pumps. Sizes range from 3/32" to 3".

Spring Energized Seals

A highly engineered u-cup designed for tough applications.


Oil Seals

Functions as a secondary seal lip and an excluder for contaminants on rotary shafts.

Vee Packing

Hi-Tech Seals assembles customized vee packing sets to meet your applications needs.

View our chemical injection set list.

Mechanical Seals

A two part rotary seal that forms a seal when the two faces are pushed together by axial force from the closing mechanism.

Braided Packing Kits

Braided packing is cut into rings and wrapped around the rod. Once installed the compression force, generated by tightening the gland, produces radial pressure.

Chemical Injection Pump Kits