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Large diameter O-rings are available in Nitrile rubber. Available in ½” and ¾” cross-sections.


Available in O-ring or quad loaded styles with a beveled or straight lip. Standard materials include
urethane, Viton™, Hydrogenated Nitrile.

Casing Rubber

Casing Rubbers can be used for casing or for production tubing. They generally comprise a square
or rectangular section profile that is compressed axially in a housing to generate a radial sealing
force against the casing or tubing. The packer may be a homogeneous elastomer or incorporate
reinforcement in the form of rubberized fabric. Popular sizes stocked by Hi–Tech include 11'' x 4.5'',
11'' x 5.5'' and 11'' x 7''.

Vee Packing

Vee packing is sold in individual vee’s as well as in sets. Sets can be tailors to the well environment.

Braided Packing

Braided packing is cut into rings and wrapped around the rod. Once installed the compression force, generated by tightening the gland, produces radial pressure.

Secondary Seals

Secondary wellhead seals are stocked in five sizes of 70 durometer Nitrile. The Secondary seal
is located in the secondary packoff of the wellhead assembly.

Snap Rings

Available in internal snap ring, external snap ring, internal spiral ring and external spiral ring styles.

Screw Packing

Screw packing slugs are available to replace ¼” asbestos packing rings used around the lock screws
on a wellhead. The temperature range of screw packing is -40?C to 160?C (-40?F to 320?F) and they
are compatible in sour gas applications.

Compression Seal

A fabric reinforced 70 durometer Nitrile seal, that is compressed axially and seals where the casing
hanger and tubing meets. A steel plate holds the compression seal in place and the plate itself is
held in position by the N lock screw.

FS Seal

The FS seal features a wide tolerance for difficult to seal surface conditions.

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

Hi-Tech Seals’ supplies ring type joint gaskets in R, RX and BX styles.  Available in mild steel,
Stainless steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316.