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Hi-Tech Seals offers an extensive range of protector products. Our protectors offer excellent defense against damage, dirt, and moisture that can occur during storage or shipping. They are made from low-density or high-density materials such as polyethylene and urethane. Our specialty low density polyethylene compound contains volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI), which provides improved corrosion resistance.


Product Profiles

Caps & Plugs (CP)
Bolted Flange
Protector (BFP)
Stud Hole Flange Protector (FC)
Stud Hole Flange Protector (FC)
Valve Flange
Protector (FP)
Locking Cap (SW)
Wedge Cap (KSW)
Telescopic Cap (TSW)
Bolt Cap (BM)
Bolt Thread Cap (B)